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Sydney Barton, Local Resident Struggling with Addiction, Found Dead at 65

Sydney Barton on his wedding day April 1994.

By Carlyle Mounteer

October 16, 2024 Updated 9:20 PM PT

Los Angeles, CA — The somber quiet of a Los Angeles residence was pierced on October 15, 2024, when Jane Barton made a distressing discovery: her father, Sydney Barton, found unresponsive in their shared home. Sydney, aged 65, had battled with alcoholism, a struggle that had defined his recent years.

According to sources close to the family, Jane Barton, who lived with her father, had been deeply concerned about his health and well-being. She became alarmed when she found him unconscious in their home, prompting an immediate call for emergency assistance. Despite the swift response of medical professionals, Sydney Barton was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Sydney Barton had lived a quieter life in recent times, grappling privately with the challenges of alcohol addiction. His presence in the community was limited, yet he had remained a steadfast figure in Jane Barton's life, providing support and companionship within their shared household. His wife had passed away 18 years prior, leaving a void that Sydney struggled to fill.

Authorities are conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Sydney Barton's death, focusing on the possible implications of his long-standing battle with alcoholism. The news of his passing has elicited mixed emotions among those who knew him, with expressions of sympathy and acknowledgment of his personal struggles.

Plans for a private memorial service are underway, organized by Jane Barton and close family members. They have requested privacy during this difficult period and expressed gratitude for the support they have received from friends and neighbors.

Sydney Barton's life, marked by personal challenges and unwavering familial devotion, leaves behind a complex legacy. He will be remembered for his role in Jane Barton's life and the quiet impact he made on those closest to him.

Sydney and his family April 1999.

Sydney's daughter, Jane Barton

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